Support ALS Research with the Rehoboth Beach Walk to Defeat ALS

If you haven’t heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has been taking the country by storm over the last month or so, than you must be living under a rock! The amount of awareness that the project has generated about ALS has been astonishing and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’re unfamiliar, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge dares people who have been nominated to donate $100 to the ALS charity of their choosing or dump a bucket of freezing ice water over their heads – all while filming it for proof! Once you’ve completed the challenge, you must post the video to social media and call out your nominees to do the same.

Support ALS Research with the Rehoboth Beach Walk to Defeat ALS | Beachview Hotel

For those who think this challenge has become more of an “it” thing to do rather than something that is truly benefitting the cause, think again. As of this past Sunday, August 24th, the ALS Association has reported $70.2 million in donations, as compared to the $2.5 million that was donated during the same time period last year. Incredible, isn’t it?

So although this challenge won’t last forever, the continued support for ALS research should, which is why we are glad to see the return of the Rehoboth Beach Walk to Defeat ALS. The walk will be taking place on Saturday, September 13th, beginning at the Boardwalk at “The Bandstand”. Registration begins at 8a.m. but the walk itself won’t start until 9:30a.m. Now although this particular walk will only cover a distance of two miles, we hope to see the impact that travels much farther.

Planning to be in town during that weekend and interested in participating in this wonderful event? Visit the official website for more information and learn about registration here. We hope to see many of you make it out next month to step out in favor of ALS research!

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